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I preached this week end for Dr. Marc Dalton who pastors the Lakecrest Baptist Church of Waterford, Michigan. We had a great service this morning. He has been a dear friend for over two decades!
I was up early this morning and went down stairs for breakfast and noticed a very tiny lady working to make sure all of the guests were taken care of. She was so busy! I greeted her and complimented her for her hard work. Later on as I was leaving to go teach Sunday school and to preach I said another word of greeting.  She stopped me and said please pray for me when you get to church. I told her I would! 
After the services the pastor took me back to the motel and when I walked in the door there was Pam cleaning up from the morning activities. I stopped and chatted with her and gave her the Gospel. She listened carefully and when I was finished I asked her if I could pray for her. She said, “Yes!” In the middle of my prayer she stopped me and said, “Hold it! Here is Keith and he needs to get saved too!” Keith is one of the Assistant Managers of the motel who happened to be walking by at that moment! So, I stopped my prayer and started all over again with the Gospel to make sure that Keith understood. He listened and then I asked if I could pray again? They both said, “Yes!” I then asked them to pray with me to trust Christ to save their souls from going to Hell. They both prayed and trusted Christ! WOW GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!


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