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I am preaching for Pastor Brian Evans who pastors the Oakwood Baptist Church of Flowery Branch, GA. This city is just outside of the Atlanta. Pastor Evans started this church in a home and 9 years later has a great church. 
We had a great crowd tonight and God blessed today with 7 professions and 4 baptisms. I preached tonight on EVERYTHING RISES OR FALLS ON FOLLOWSHIP. Rick Blocker is pictured next to me and this morning he made a profession of faith. This was his first time to come to the Oakwood Baptist Church. Tonight when he came to church he sat on the front row. WOW! This morning he sat on the back row! As I was emphasizing the important of responding at the invitation time and coming to the altar during the sermon I paused and looked at Rick and asked him if he would have walked the aisle this morning if the church members had not come to the altar and he said, “No, I would not have!”The pastor can preach his heart out but if the members do not respond it will kill the spirit of the invitation. JUST A THOUGHT!

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