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I will be preaching this weekend for Pastor David Fink who pastors the Grace Baptist Church of Lockport, Illinois. He is doing a fabulous job and in fact they have had to go to two morning services to care for the crowds. He is a ex-Marine and I like this guy! He has a wonderful family who are all soul winners and faithful to our Lord!
Early Monday morning I will be flying to Reno, NV., to preach for my good friend Pastor Randy Ralstin who pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church. No, I will not be playing the slot machines. I have a picture taken years ago of Dr. Jack Hyles sitting behind one of those machines at this same airport. I  told him he had better be nice to me or I would sent it to the NATIONAL INQUIRER. No, he did not play the slot machine! I sure do miss Dr. Hyles! He was one of a kind! He loved to pick on me and I loved it when he did pick on me! One day a preacher said to me, “Doesn’t that upset you the way he picks on you?” I said, “No, you are just upside that he doesn’t know you!”
Have you ever noticed how liberals and the liberal mind-set is always busy re-writing history? Can you imagine Dr. Jack Hyles endorsing a Charismatic ministry from behind his pulpit? How often have we heard him say, “I’m more Catholic than I am Charismatic!” Just because it says “CHURCH” on the sign does not make it a church! By the way maybe that’s why they call them OUTREACH CENTERS or the ROC? GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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