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I had the honor of preaching at the Grace Baptist Church of Lockport, Illinois, this morning and tonight! We had a great service this morning and a packed out building tonight. Pastor David Fink will soon be celebrating his ninth anniversary as their pastor in September. He is a man’s man and also God’s man! I have for many years admired this man for his tenacity for the souls of men, women, boys, and girls.
Tonight during the hand shaking time Assistant Pastor Jonathan Wicks pointed out a lady who rode the “D” division buses from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. I told Jonathan that I was apart of the “D” division from the very first day it started. Immediately my mind raced back to those days when my family and I would drive to Joliet every Saturday to go soul winning. I remember standing in line as a freshman at Hyles-Anderson College and meeting Dr. Jim Vineyard, the bus director for FBC. I remember him assigning me to the Joliet bus route. I recall when I so naively responded, “Joliet? Do you realize how far that is from here?” Boy oh boy that was a mistake! He stood to his feet and said, “You don’t think I know how far it is to Joliet?” I immediately said, “Yes sir. I’m sure you know how far it is from here! I will be honored to work that bus route!” So began our families adventure on that Joliet route. 
The lady that rode one of our bus routes was that little lady sitting on the second row tonight. Her name is Jayne and she was 10 years of age when she rode one of our Joliet bus routes and was saved at FBC in 1976! WOW! Yet, some say, “Where are they all?” My answer has always been through the years, “SOMEWHERE!” Well, here is one of them!!!!! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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