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Bob II and Kelly
Mom, Bob II, and Dad I

Bob called and asked if his mom and I could do a video greeting for Willis Shepherd.  It took Mrs. Gray a while to get ready because it is so hard to dress with her being in so much pain. Of course it takes women a long time any way! Ha! I hope she doesn’t see this blog! Ha! Bob and Kelly came by and we had a wonderful visit. Since Bob has become pastor we do not have the opportunity to visit as much as before. He and Kelly are doing a great job of leading LBT. I am extremely proud of them. I believe the greatest days are ahead for LBT.
Willis was Chairman of the Longview Baptist Temple Deacon board during my 29 years of pastoring LBT. He was one of the most loyal and faithful men I have ever met in my 38 years of preaching. He is celebrating his 80th birthday and there will be a birthday celebration on Sunday night at LBT for him! He was 50 when Mrs. Gray and I, along with our four children, came to Texas to pastor LBT. He was so kind to us and was always encouraging even in those rough days. He would come and repair our dryer and to God be the glory to this day it is still running. Over 1 million souls came to Christ during those 29 years and Brother Shepherd was one of the reasons the people placed their confidence in us. Thank you Brother Shepherd and happy 80th birthday my friend! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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