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Colonial  Baptist Church Adult Choir

I was up at 5:30 this morning and had my quiet time, did 3.25 miles on the treadmill, and went to eat a light breakfast. I have an iphone4 and I have hundreds of sermons by Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. Lee Roberson, Dr. Curtis Hutson, Evangelist Lester Roloff, and Evangelist Carl Hatch. As I was eating breakfast in the breakfast area with my Bible (KJB) open a man walked up to me and asked what I was listening to. I told him it was preaching! He asked if he could listen to it and he did. He said “WOW! That’s what you call Hell fire and damnation preaching isn’t it?” I said yes! Well, guess what happened after a few minutes. Charles bowed his head and prayed to trust Christ to pay for all his sins. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING! After praying he literally wept and laid his head on my shoulder and thanked me for sharing the Gospel with him. He said to me, “I cannot begin to tell you how I needed this?” AMEN!

I left to preach the early service at the Colonial Baptist Church with Pastor Claud Slate. I have had the honor of preaching for Pastor Slate through out these past 24 years in the three churches he has pastored. He is a man of God and loves God with all of his heart! He has a great family and I predict this church will be a great influence for Christ in this growing Northwest part of Arkansas. I preached my sermon “LOVE IS REALLY CHARITY” in the first service and in the second preaching service I preached my sermon “WHEN I AM WEAK THEN AM I STRONG.” The altars were full for both services. We had 4 saved, 2 professions, and 2 baptisms. I am looking forward to tonight’s service at 6 pm. This will be a short service because I have to get back to my motel room for prayer. (By the way the Cowboys are playing at 7) GOTTA LOVE SERVING GOD!


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