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I arrived at the Colorado Springs airport a little after 10 mountain time. Dr. Matt Miller and his Associate Pastor met me at the airport. Brother Glover was waiting as my luggage came down the luggage chute. They were so gracious to take me for a bite to eat. You would be proud of me all I had was a side salad! They of course made up for my eating light. In fact I enjoyed watching them eat. It was kind of a vicarious food experience!
They took me to the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS and I met Amanda at the front desk. She was checking me in while I gave a preview of my Sunday school lesson to the pastor and Brother Glover. When I finished I asked if they had any Gospel tracts? Pastor gave me some and I turned to Amanda while saying to the pastor, “Let’s see if this Gospel tract works?” I handed it to Amanda and told her this was a Gospel tract and she asked, “What is a Gospel tract?” “Ok, if I have too I will explain it too you!” While I was giving her the Gospel Pastor was talking to another employee of the motel. AMEN! In a few minutes both of these ladies bowed their head and asked Christ to be the payment for all of their sins! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!
I then rushed to my room to see how Arkansas was doing against Alabama! I forgot about the time change and so I went down and did my 3 miles on the treadmill. I came back to the room and watched a great game. I’ll be switched though Alabama pulled it out! By the way the reason is the Arkansas ball players had to spend extra time on their Sunday school bus routes and were unable to practice like they would normally! RIGHT?

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