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This has been a good month for soul winning. God has allowed me to lead 29 folks to Christ and 8 of those followed the Lord in baptism. I wasted the first 15 years of my Christian life in the American Baptist denomination not knowing of the need for personal soul winning. We were taught to bring them to church and God would do the rest. 

I attended a SWORD OF THE LORD CONFERENCE in South Bend, Indiana, in 1972 and heard Dr. Jack Hyles and Dr. John R. Rice preach and my whole world was turned right side up! I was so naive! I was so ignorant that I picked up the phone and actually called Dr. Rice at home to ask about this burning in my soul! I told Dr. Rice that I did not think I was being “called” into the ministry. He said to me, “Don’t feel bad! I was never called myself! I just volunteered!” WOW! he told me to go ahead and enroll into Hyles-Anderson College and let Dr. Hyles be my Elijah! I did and I am so glad that I did!

May I add something to this blog that hopefully may help some of you Fundamentalist Forum youngins’. When we stand for truth that does not mean we are attacking it means we are defending and promoting truth. It is amazing to me that when John MacArthur Jr. said the blood of Christ dissipated at the foot of Calvary and put it in print that all of fundamentalism stood up and said, “Enough is enough!” He was rebuked for saying so! That is not attacking anyone it is defending one of the fundamentals of the faith. If anything it was MacArthur who attacked the precious blood of our Saviour. 

However, let one of ours say the KING JAMES BIBLE does not contain preserved inspiration and we are scolded for saying, “Enough is enough!” If one is wrong then the other is wrong and regardless of family or friends someone must stand up for the truth of an inspired KING JAMES BIBLE. When ANYONE attacks the precious Words of God as we hold in our hands today as not being “inspired” we dare not stand idly by and allow such for the sake of generations to come. There is no difference my friend between what John MacArthur did and others are doing today! It is just a cowardly bunch who desire and are enticed by the platform of the big church and big college that must keep their mouths shut or be put on a black list of the powerful that are a disgrace to the memory of Dr. Hyles!

I will be flying to DFW and then on to Corpus Christi, Texas, to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Dr. Chuck Brushe. Pastor Burshe pastors the NEW HOPE BATIST CHURCH and is dong a marvelous job inspite of a lung disease that has limited his activity. He has several graduates from TBC to help him including his son. I am very proud of his courage and tenacity! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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