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Mrs. Mary Gray

I preached this past weekend for my good friend Pastor Dave Baker who pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Columbia, TN. The buildings were full and we had some great services. He and his dear wife started this church 18 years ago and it is a miracle church. You can always put your money on a soul winner. They always seem to rise to the top above the battles. I am glad to call Pastor Baker my friend! 
I left about 10 am from Columbia to drive a little over an hour to Murfreesboro, TN., to visit with my 98 year old mother. My brother Jerry and his wife Ronnie are the best! They have taken wonderful care of Mama! It has not been easy but they and their church have certainly been a blessing. I am not sure if Mama knew me or not. I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t understand her. She is a feisty lady and has overcome so much in her life. I will be visiting with her again in the morning. It seems that she is more alert in the morning than the afternoon according to Jerry. I also had lunch with my brother and we recalled a lot of our childhood. It seems that when we were young we were actually living in a Mayberry atmosphere in our home town. Anyway we had a great time together. GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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