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I have been up since 5. I had my quiet time and did a mile on the treadmill. I finished my packing and preparing to go to the Longview airport. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen will pick me up at 11:15. This is great having a little extra time at home. Mrs. Gray is doing better! I was able to take her for a little time to the store and she rode her cart around the store. I was proud of her she didn’t hit anybody or any thing. We had a bite to eat and when we came home she was exhausted.

I will be preaching for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads this weekend and on Monday night.  Pastor Keith Bell started the TEXAS BAPTIST CHURCH ten years ago and is being blessed for his aggressive soul winning. I am looking forward to being with him, his people, and his dear family.

TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE has over 400 grads serving around the world and we are extremely proud of them and their service to our LORD. One thing about TBC when you send your young people you will never have to worry about any critical statements about the KING JAMES BIBLE! Dr. Bob Gray II has made it very clear about our stand. When so many so-called leaders in fundamentalism find it academically popular to laud their own knowledge against simple faith in God’s ability to preserve inspiration in the English KJB you will not have to worry about TBC.

I will be teaching a course on the KJB this next semester at TBC and want to thank Dr. Gail Riplinger for her work and its tremendous impact on this generation. In this day with so many “man-child” leaders in fundamentalism we need to know the truth and not be “snowed” by rhetoric. I really am not concerned about your debating skills. I am more concerned about what God says! Child like faith allowed me to have salvation and child like faith allows me to trust God in His ability to give me HOLY SCRIPTURES in the English language. 

This is not something to minimize or to leave to the thought that it is merely semantics. This is not semantics! Dr. Bob Gray II is my son, a preacher, and my pastor. That is semantics! To say that “inspired” and “not inspired” is an example of semantics is childish and irresponsible! “Why are you still harping on this?” For the same reason I harp on doctrines! This is a foundational tenet and must not be attacked! If the foundations be destroyed we are in trouble. Until I see in writing a retraction of the statement that the KJB is “not inspired”by those who penned it in the first place only then will I leave this subject alone! 

Years ago I was preaching with Dr. Jack Hyles at the MILLER ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH of Garland, Texas. At the Q  & A on Tuesday morning Lindsay Terry asked Dr. Hyles if he had heard Dr. John McArthur’s statement that the “blood of Jesus dissipated at the foot of calvary and that only His death is necessary for salvation!” Dr. Hyles asked Lindsay if he had ever misspoken. His reply was, “Yes!” Dr. Hyles suggested that we have all misspoken and that we should not be so quick to be critical until “…HE PUTS THAT STATEMENT IN PRINT…” then you would have a right to challenge his statement! Well, that is what has happened here! GOTTA LOVE THE KJB!

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