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Dr. Bob Gray and Family
I trust you are having a wonderful 2010 Christmas. All of us need to remind ourselves of this being Jesus’ birthday and take time to thank God for HIS SON! I asked Jesus Christ to be the payment for all of my sins; past, present, and future, at age 11 and I have never regretted doing so. (Romans 10:13) As far as I know all of our family have also trusted Jesus as their personal Saviour. What a blessing!

Our family is doing well. We had to postpone our own family get together until Thursday because of my mother being near Heaven’s door. I drove to Murfreesboro, Tn., to say goodbye to her and let her know how much I love her. My brother Jerry and his dear wife Ronnie have cared for Mama in such an unselfish way and all of us are blessed to have them.

I was able to spend some time with my brother Jerry and I enjoyed myself. We are all simply waiting for a phone call of Mama’s home going. She was the BEST! She lived through the depression and her 98 years of life were not easy but she certainly provided spiritual direction for all of us!

Mrs. Gray had a new Morphine Pump put in this year and I believe it is performing better than the last one. The first Pump lasted for ten years and needed to be replaced. She is doing better but still unable to do much. Two of our ten grandchildren will be graduating from college this next year. DeAnna Gray will finish up in December and is engaged to another senior of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE Josh Doyle. They have a May wedding planned. Joe Simmons, son of Mark and Kim Simmons, will be graduating next May. He is not engaged yet, but it looks like it might be soon! Ha! He keeps hanging around a certain young lady! Oh, youthful love!

I will keep you updated about Mama and I trust you will be praying for Jerry and Ronnie. They have certainly sacrificed to make life easier for her! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!


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