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Meagan & Joe With Grandma

Joe & Aly With Grandma


What are they drinking?

My mother went home to Heaven on Christmas Day 2010. She left behind a heritage of integrity, character, and honesty. She was as tender as she was tough. Mama and Daddy lived through a depression and were survivors. Daddy went to Heaven in January of 1990 at age 80. Mama was 98 went she went to Heaven. She was met not only by our Saviour but also two sons, a husband, and many other friends along with many family members. 

Our family delayed our annual Christmas gathering until Friday night. This is a highlight of the year for us. We had fun, food, fellowship, and a lot of sarcasm. This is a sarcastic bunch to say the least! We had a great time! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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