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Dr. Ron Talley

I had the wonderful privilege of preaching at the HYLES BAPTIST CHURCH of Chesterfield, VA., this morning. I will be preaching tonight also at 6:30. Dr. Talley and I attended college together and my wife and I love the Talley family dearly! This man of God is doing a phenomenal job of leading this church in the winning of the lost to Christ. He is one of the finest preachers to ever mount the pulpit in my opinion. I have heard the best and he is one of the best! God bless you Dr. Talley. God gave us 8 precious souls this morning. The buildings were packed and the Spirit of God had liberty to work. The music was old fashioned and the people very responsive. WOW! I loved it!
What a great name for an independent Baptist church! There is no other man of God I could think of that epitomized more of what God had in mind for His men than my preacher Dr. Jack Hyles. Dr. Talley did not name the church it was already given this name when he became pastor in September of 1986. There were nine people in attendance and five of those were his family. God has blessed and continues to bless!
This is not man worship they exhibit here but it is admiration. Without a leader there would never be a cause and without a cause there is distain for leaders. 
Dr. John R. Rice became aware of God’s hand being on Dr. Hyles and that is why he promoted him so much in THE SWORD OF THE LORD. In fact one time in the late 70’s I asked Dr. Rice to host a SWORD CONFERENCE in Bourbonnais, Illinois. He told me that Dr. Hyles scheduled all of the SWORD CONFERENCES and that he had complete confidence in this “man of God.” So much for the distain that Dr. Rice had for uplifting a “man.” Dr. Rice always gave Dr. Hyles the key-note preaching time on the schedule. Keep those cards, letters, and emails coming! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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