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American Airlines Executive Platinum Desk called me last night and told me that my Tuesday 8 am flight to DFW had been cancelled. They placed me on a 6 am American flight! The snow was just starting to come down during the day yesterday preceded by some ice. It become a heavier snow fall  as the day progressed and by the time we were out of church last night it was at times blinding snow. I made it back to the motel and set my alarm to roll out of bed at 3:30 am. 

I awoke a little earlier and prepared to get to the airport early. I arrived at 5 and turned my rental car into Hertz. I waited for them to start boarding and then settled in for the flight to DFW. We pulled away from the gate and sat there for about an hour. Then the announcement came that DFW was shut down because of the weather. We pulled back to the gate and I called Executive Platinum Desk and they rebooked me on a 6 pm flight, still today however. Then they called and told me that it had been cancelled. They then rebooked me to fly out on Wednesday morning. (Hopefully)

God bless Associate Pastor Bob Queen. I was texting him and attempting to keep him updated because he is so kind to take me to and from the airport each week of the world. The Longview, Tyler, and Shreveport flights were all cancelled so he was up at 4 am to take the trip to DFW to pick me up and by the time I found out my flight was cancelled he was already in Mesquite, Texas. He arrived in time to find himself in the middle of the ice storm in the Dallas area. We then both realized it was not going to happen today so he turned the car around to drive back to Longview. God bless that dear man! Oh, I already said that didn’t I?

I found a motel and took the last room they had at the Holiday Inn express so I will be spending the night in Omaha. I will be up at 3:30 am again and maybe we can get this thing done tomorrow. 

The service last night at the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Plattsmouth, NE., was tremendous in spite of the severe weather. I meet with the pastor and his staff from 3 to 5 yesterday. We had a wonderful brain storming time together. They asked some great questions and of course I gave them some great answers! Ha! 

Scott preached first both nights and I cannot put into words about how proud of Scott I am. He has become a great man of God in his own right! Bob and Scott are men of God! Their mother and I are very proud of them both!

You must visit this great church! Dr. Raymond Wicks is doing an unusual work in the middle of no where it seems! He has a great staff and great people. The people are very responsive to old fashioned preaching and sensitive to the Holy Spirit! This is an old fashioned Baptist church! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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