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This is an email I received this week! Why now was the first thought which entered my mind! 

“Hello Bro. Gray,

I am a Hyles Anderson College graduate. 
I am unsure if there is any conflict between Common Wealth, First Baptist Church of Hammond and Bro. Schaap. If there is any conflict between Fundamental Brethren would you please remove me from your mailing list. 
We are a Soul winning separated work for God.
My spirit and the spirit of our church is my number one priority.
                                                 Thanks for your attention to this matter.
                                                 I look forward to rejoicing over souls and victory in our lives when    
                                                 we meet,
                                                 God bless

My second thought was I wonder if he sent this to Brother Schaap after his attack on Dr. Russell Anderson when he called him “…an ignorant hillbilly…” I wonder if he sent this to Brother Schaap after his insulting and attacking remarks toward all fundamental brethren who were verbally assaulted because they believed in the preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE. There exists numerous video and audio exhibits of these condescending arrogant remarks toward those faithful men who have stood for the preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE.

My third thought is why did he email me and not direct his comments to Dr. Jeff Fugate.

My fourth thought was “conflict between Fundamental Brethren…” You must be kidding? Has he forgotten about the conflict between Paul and Barnabas? Has he forgotten about the conflict between Paul and Peter? Has he forgotten about the conflict between John and Diotrephes? Has he forgotten about the conflict between Dr. Bob Jones Jr. and Dr. John R. Rice? Has he forgotten about the conflict between Dr. J. Frank Norris and Dr. G. B. Vick? Come on! Get a life! Get real!

My fifth thought was we once again have fallen for this “mega-church” “mecca church”mindset! God busted up the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF JERUSALEM with its 100,000 members because their purpose was to reach the world with the Gospel not to built the biggest church in the world. 95% of the churches in America are rural not metro! Our ministries must not revolve around Hammond, Indiana, or for that matter Longview, Texas. 

My sixth thought was “WOW” what a great thing God has done in founding the independent church. What a great way of having checks and balances in the work of God! We must allow the preachers to disagree! There is a reason why there was a Jerusalem Council: it was so the men of God could straighten out those headed for heresy! God intended for there to be UNITY in the local church and not UNION of local churches! There is no such thing as a universal body of believers. The only “body” that exists is a local body! We are not the “bride” of Christ because there must be a marriage first before there can be a “bride.” We are “espoused.” When some preacher talks about the “bride of Christ” as universal… RUN! He is a Evangelical in disguise! Men of God are going to disagree! This Rodney King theology of “Why can’t the brethren get along?” Simple, they are brothers! Ha! We as independent Baptists have no pope and no Vatican!

It is amazing to me when a Dr. John McArthur says and puts into  print in his commentary on the book of Hebrews that the blood of Christ dissipated at the foot of Calvary! He in essence said we are saved by His death and not His blood! This caused all of fundamentalism to go into an uproar. Yet, when someone says the inspiration does not exist in the KING JAMES BIBLE we are to silently go on about our business. WHY? Because he is one of our own? Non-sense! This will never go away until Dr. Schaap rectifies this heresy to the extend of its damage via print. Someone said he apologized at Pastors’ School! Yes, for the trouble and damage it caused, but NEVER for his position concerning the KING JAMES BIBLE’S lack of inspiration!

We who stand on this issue of preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE are not attacking we are proclaiming! The attack came from the pulpit of the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Hammond, Indiana in 2009. A shot that is still reverberating around the fundamental world. 

I am just glad that it was not the pulpit Dr. Jack Hyles used. The new pulpit has been broken in to an old liberal position on the HOLY SCRIPTURES but thank the LORD our beloved Dr. Hyles’ last words spoken in a Wednesday night Bible study made his position extremely clear on the preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE! By the way, he said any one who would dare say differently should be fired! Dr. Jack Hyles grew! Some grow and some regress! Welcome to the new age movement in fundamentalism! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD KING JAMES BIBLE!

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  1. WOW!! Poor Dr. Hyles must be looking over the banister of heaven, so disappointed, asking God "Why did you take me so soon? How could the man I trusted to take my place be so polar opposite of what I believed? How could I have been so fooled?"
    To call Dr. Anderson an 'ignorant hillbilly' is just downright insulting!! Where would Dr. Schaap be without the financial and spiritual help Dr. Anderson offered to Dr. Hyles to build such a ministry?!!
    I feel so sorry for the students of the college who were raised and taught so differently than Dr. Schaap speaks, for all those pastors and parents who taught those kids for years that the Bible IS the Inspired Word of God, to be told differently must be so confusing. Yet they sit in the service, having been taught the Man of God is right….what must they be thinking? To be told that Dr. Anderson is an ignorant hillbilly….when they were taught to revere and respect him.
    And you're right about the apology at Pastors School~~it may be think of the quote "a bad apology is worse than no apology at all".
    The writer who wrote to you did so maliciously, to be hurtful, to cause further conflict. All he has to do is quit reading the posts, the emails, the mail, etc.
    You're so correct when you say that conflict between Christians is a way of balancing the scales with one another. If a truth must be revealed, friendship and Christian brotherhood must be set aside for the truth to be told.
    The best way for this man to resolve the conflict in his life is to quit listening to man and get in the Bible himself, earnestly asking the Holy Spirit to guide him. How can anyone who doesn't believe the Bible as the inspired Word of God have any assurance of salvation…or be assured of heaven…or any of God's Precious Promises? for it is through the Word of God that we were lead to salvation, that we believe there is a heaven, a heaven where my son will no longer have to deal with the pain of brain cancer and its horrific treatments; and for he and his dad to have rest from the constant movement of chorea, the dementia, the ability to care for oneself due to HD.
    To say the Bible is not the inspired Word of God is taking all those promises (salvation, heaven, Holy Spirit comfort, to believe in miracles, etc.) from me….telling me that God didn't really say that, just a man said that~~I'll never believe that! God pity the man who does!

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