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Hilda Silva
This morning I taught a lesson on “HOW TO BE A BETTER SOUL WINNER!” Dr. Cox preached on “SPONTANEOUS SOUL WINING!” He once again did an excellent job of motivating God’s people to be a personal soul winner all the time! It was a great truth.

Dr. Cox preached tonight his sermon “AN EMPTY CHAIR.” It was very effective and used of God. I preached my sermon  “IS THERE A PLACE CALLED HELL?” The building once again was packed out with chairs having to be put out. The balcony was packed and at the invitation time the altars were full with many weeping for those whom they knew were lost without Christ. It was a great move of the Holy Spirit tonight.

After the service Dr. Ray Rameriz, pastor of HILLSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH, introduced me to one of his faithful ladies. The church went soul winning Tuesday afternoon. 667 folks on the streets of Los Angeles bowed their heads and trusted Christ to save their souls from going to a devil’s Hell. One of the soul winners was this dear lady Mrs. Hilda Silva. This soul winner led 40 people to Christ today! WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING! There are 10 million plus people in Los Angeles and a great need for personal soul winners. Thank the LORD for this dear church!

By the way please keep those cards and letters coming! It is amazing to me how friendship can overshadow truth.  Loyalty to a man of God who is disloyal to the Word of God is in essence disloyalty to God. To believe the Scriptures in the English KING JAMES BIBLE is not preserved inspiration is an attack on the foundations of the faith!

Paul wasted no time comparing the Gospel or the Scriptures with current religions and attempting to convince his hearers from a scholarly stand point about the Scriptures or the Gospel. He declared it to be the only answer that had ever come along or ever would come along.  By faith Paul accepted the inspiration of the Scripture and the power of the Gospel without the originals!

The person who postpones taking a stand for the living Word Jesus Christ and the written Word, KING JAMES BIBLE, until they see if it succeeds will live and die with Gamaliel.  Visible success has never been the proof of Jesus and His followers. We have always been the scum and offscouring of the earth. We are called a “REMNANT.” No one can play “hands off” with the cause of Jesus Christ or His written WORD! You cannot suspend judgment and do nothing. This polite business of waiting to see how it all turns out, adding up all the evidence and making up ones mind when all the supposed facts are in is non-sense!

The devil never had a greater ally than this modern atmosphere of genial, amiable, pleasant tolerance, in which nothing is bad, everything is good. According to Satan everything is not black and white but rather smeared into an indefinite color grey. Nothing matters as long as everybody is in a good mood! This modern 2011 brand of tolerance in fundamentalism has put our age into a spiritual stupor.

These new fundamental liberals do not believe as true fundamentalists do, but instead of leaving us and joining groups they do agree with, they infect and infest the great independent Baptist churches with the malignancy of unbelief questioning the inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE. Unfortunately, we have among true believers some who are so tolerant and broadminded as to believe we ought to include in our fellowship all grades and shades of doctrine. They would turn the Lord’s sheepfold into a zoo. When we have room enough for any and every brand of doctrine, that my friend is too much room!

Can the same fountain send forth both bitter water and sweet? Can two walk together except they be agreed? One scholar says that the early Christians condemned false doctrine in a way that sounds almost unchristian today. I do not believe that the Gospel ship ought to be surrendered to mutineers! We were here first! If anybody leaves let it be the dissenters, the compromisers, the Neo’s, and the pseudo’s!

These false fundamentalists are bewitched and those who tolerate them are bewitched by a false tolerance they mistake for Christian charity. The New Testament has a lot to say about false teachers. It advocates measures that sound stern and harsh. The permissive Apostles of compromise have pulpits whose sound travels a lost faster than light!

We are living in a smog in fundamentalism! Black and white have become the color grey. Church leaders, such as pastors and deacons, are lost in the midst. Unless God raises up some prophets and seers who see through this smog then fundamental Baptists face deterioration! JUST A THOUGHT!

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