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Pastor Steve Hamm
Leon Howland
This morning I had the honor of teaching Sunday school and preaching in the morning service at the PATRICK BAPTIST CHURCH. This is the beginning of the Missions Conference at this dear church. Pastor Steve Hamm has been the pastor here for 17 years and he has some wonderful people.

We had 12 saved, 10 professions, and 8 baptized this morning. It was great! I taught in Sunday school my lesson on “FORGIVENESS” and preached this morning my sermon “LET’S GO SOUL WARNING!” The altars were full and the tears flowed! That is how bad the sermon was! Ha! It was a great morning with a great church!

After the service a man named Leon Howland approached me and we struck up a conversation. He mentioned to me that Dr. Jack Hyles led him to Christ when he lived in Garland, Texas, and he was a member of the MILLER ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH. It was such a blessing to listen to him tell about how he came to trust Christ. 

He told me that Pastor Hyles had been to his house several times. One night as he was coming home from work he saw the preacher’s car in front of the house. He pulled up into his driveway and was furious. He told me that he made up his mind that he was going to tell that preacher off and in not with religious words either. Pastor Hyles was standing just inside the screen door when Leon walked in preparing to tell off the preacher. As soon as he opened his screen door Brother Hyles said to him, “Leon your wife just got saved” Leon said to Brother Hyles sarcastically, “Saved from what?” Brother Hyles said, “Hell!” Then Brother Hyles said to Leon, “Look at your little boy and be careful it would be a terribly thing if you keep rejecting Christ that your little boy would follow you into Hell!” Leon said that got me! He said he looked at Brother Hyles and said, “I don’t want my boy to go to Hell nor do I want to go to Hell! Please tell me what I have to do to be saved?” Leon said that Brother Hyles told him how to be saved and Leon bowed his head and trusted Christ as his Saviour. 

Leon was best friends with another Leon whose last name was Dillard. This is the man who trusted Christ who was a drunkard and after he was saved he asked Pastor Hyles, “What do I do next?” Brother Hyles said you need to be baptized! Leon then said, “What do I do after that?” Pastor Hyles said to him that he needed to join MILLER ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH. Leon then said, “OK, then what do I do?” Brother Hyles said you need to tithe! Leon asked what that was and Brother Hyles told him it is a tenth of your income. Leon replied, “I don’t have a tenth but I have a fifth in the car you can have!” GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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