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Dr. Russell Anderson
Tonight I had the honor of preaching with Dr. Russell Anderson at the UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH of Mount Olive, NC. He preached first and I preached second. He challenged the laymen to do their part to double their church by next year. I love hearing this man preach. He reminds me more and more of Dr. John Rice as we travel together. We had lunch together with some pastors today and it was very enjoyable.

We gave the front desk a 3 am wake up call time, which is really 2 am Texas time! Ouch! I have a 6:15 flight time to DFW and then on to Longview, Texas. Dr. Anderson has a 7 am flight time to Hawaii. Wait a minute! Maybe he should go to Longview and I should go to Hawaii! Ha! 

I joke a lot when giving the attendant at the airport my ticket when I say, “No, there is something wrong with my ticket. I am really supposed to go to Hawaii not Longview!” They usually laugh and say, “Sorry you are going to Longview!” One time in Chicago I did that and went on to the aircraft and sat down in the first class section. What I did not know was that this crew had just come back from Hawaii. There were only a few people in the first class section. When the plane took off the stewardesses came out with ukuleles and sang to me while playing the ukuleles. One stewardess put a Hawaiian Lei around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. Everyone laughed! the man next to me said, “Reverend what are you going to do about that?” I said, “I guess I’ll have to turn the other cheek?” They all laughed! GOTTA LOVE LIFE!

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