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This morning the temperature was 61 and beautiful! I was up at 6, had my quiet time, fixed breakfast for the Mrs. and myself, and walked 8 miles. I took some pics along the 4 mile route that I take and these Azaleas are the best I have ever seen in East Texas at this time of the year. GOTTA LOVE GOD’S HANDY WORK!


I spoke with Dr. Russell Anderson yesterday and he mentioned that someone came to see him to say he believed that Dr. Jack Schaap, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, was a King James Bible man! The reason given was that he said at Pastors’ School that he “Only uses the King James Bible.” The issue is not “USING ONLY” the issue is “BELIEVING ONLY” the preserved inspiration of the KJB for the English speaking people. He always uses terms “perfect” or “complete” or “preserved” or “the word of God” but NEVER says there is “preserved inspiration” in the KING JAMES BIBLE! The Mormons use ONLY the KING JAMES BIBLE! Is that the group you desire to be classified with?

The truth is if someone stands up and says, “This bottle I am holding in my hand is 100 % orange juice!” I stand up and say, “This bottle I am holding in my hand is 100 % orange juice!” A person would have to do three things: first, check the label; second check the ingredients; and third have knowledge about the ingredients. If one has additives and the other doesn’t then only one is 100 % orange juice. The purity is lost with additives. To say I hold in my hand a perfect, complete, and preserved Word of God and yet add, “I must say however it contains no inspiration” you do not have a 100 % pure Scripture!

In fact on page 84 of his book on “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” he calls it “foolishness” to believe that there is “inspiration” in the KING JAMES BIBLE! Also accusing those who hold that position as being Catholic and Charismatic! Smoke and mirrors! This is troubling! The reason is because this was never an issue among 95 % of the independent Baptists until 2009! 

Former pastor Dr. Jack Hyles made it extremely clear and concise his position about this issue in his last Wednesday night Bible study before he went to Heaven! How could Pastor Schaap have taken a pay check from Dr. Hyles all those years and claim to be a loyal man while all the time thinking Dr. Hyles was nothing more than a “closet Catholic” or a “closet Charismatic”or teaching “foolishness.”

If you ask Barack Obama if he believed in the U.S. Constitution he would say yes. However, just because you say the same thing does not mean you believe the same thing! The President and the liberals are proving this every day! What people sometimes say is not necessarily what they believe.  

MSNBC had a Professor on “Hardball” this week who stated the reason for the uproar over the recent burning of the Koran and the rioting in the Middle East was because the Koran contains the transcribed words of God. The people burned and killed in protest for this reason because to them those words are the exact words of God! He continued that the Bible is not so! It is merely a book written by men! Could this be where we are headed as fundamental Baptists?

Todays political scenario is similar to what is happening in the fundamental Baptist world. The pseudo-fundamentalist own the “narrative” and the “bully pulpit”while the real fundamentalist own the “facts.” God’s people have always been a “remnant” but I never dreamed this would be within the independent Baptists ranks. Welcome to the “remnant” who believe in the “preserved inspiration” of the KJB! 

There is a difference between intellect and knowledge! By faith God’s people are saved and by faith they live via Scriptures that contain “preserved inspiration!” To put a question mark on the inspiration of Scriptures that you hold in your hand is to put a question mark on the Saviour!

“Was there preserved inspiration before 1611?” The answer is “Yes! “How do you know?” The answer is because God said so in Psalm 12:6-7! “Which Bible was it before 1611?” I don’t know! I  live in 2011! I will leave that question up to you who head up the Greek Department who received your Greek and Hebrew education through correspondence from Moody Bible Institute. 

I look back on the death, burial, and resurrection of our Saviour for salvation while the Old Testament people looked forward to His death, burial, and resurrection. Those of the Old Testament and those in the New Testament were saved the same way by “faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ God’s Son.” By faith I believe the Scriptures were in existence before 1611 because without the “incorruptible seed” or the Word of God the new birth cannot occur! 

I refuse to use intellect and academia to put a question mark on the “preserved inspiration” of Scriptures that I hold in my hands! Call me ignorant if you please but I would rather stand on this position before God than the position of you who put a question mark on the KING JAMES BIBLE for the English speaking people! 

Did Pastor Schaap clear the air on his position? No, he used air freshner! My question to the delegates is did you hear what he believed or did you hear what YOU desperately wanted to hear that YOU believe? My friend there is a difference between “Only using” and “Only believing!”  To make a stand on “Only using” is to open the door for the next generation to use perversions because after all, you have now placed a question mark on the “inspired” Scriptures you hold in your hands today! 

Matthew 4:4, “But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” How can Christians in 2011 live unless they have an “inspired” every word Scripture in their hands in 2011? God did it not man! The Holy Spirit moved “through” man, not “to” man, to “give” man the Holy Scriptures. GOTTA LOVE THE KING JAMES BIBLE!

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