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Peyton Hope Lyons
Mrs. Gray had her second surgery in a month to repair her medical pump. She had a hernia surgery a month ago where they repaired two hernias. During the surgery her pump flipped over and the lines were pinched. The doctors had to go back in and repair the pump and lines. The surgery was a success!

I have stayed close to home for the past two weeks in order to take care of her. I have become an expert at house work! Ha! My cooking still has a long way to go! If you do not believe me just ask my wife! I preached in an area church on Sunday morning and on Sunday night I was able to attend LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE where my son pastors. LBT is in their third week of their Spring Campaign and it is going great. The building has been full each Sunday morning and  hundreds have trusted Christ. Dr. Bob II is doing an excellent job.

During the hand shaking time Sunday night Evangelist Scott Lyons approached me and asked if he and his wife, Becky, could take a picture of me with their new baby Peyton Hope Lyons. I went with him to the Nursery and held their new daughter for a picture. WOW! ALMOST makes you want to have another one? After this Mrs. Gray and I had to have a serious conversation about having another baby and after much deliberation we decided not to have any more children!! Ha! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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In addition I have a 5 book series entitled LET’S JUST TALK ABOUT JESUS coming by the end of the year. I am so excited about the material in all of these books and I hope you will take advantage of them!

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