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R. G. Gray
Tonight when I arrived at my motel in PA and opened up my email I received this photo of our grandson R. G. and family celebrating his 20th birthday today. This truly is a miracle young man. 

When he was born 20 years ago it was during our NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC. Dr. Jack Hyles preached his sermon, “WHERE BE ALL THE MIRACLES?” He mentioned in his introduction that he has never preached this sermon without there being a report of some type of a miracle happening of which he would be told of later on. 

When we discovered the many physical challenges R. G. would encounter it became apparent to all of us that this was that miracle of which Dr. Hyles had preached about. R. G. was not expected to survive but he did. He was not expected to see but he did. He was not expected to speak but he did. He was not supposed to walk but he did. He was not supposed to be able to learn but he did. R. G. thinks the whole world is abnormal and that he is the only normal person in the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY R. G.! GOTTA LOVE GRANDCHILDREN!

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