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I was up at 6 and did my 4 mile walk. It was gorgeous this morning with cool air settling over East Texas. I came across some beautiful Bluebonnets this morning and I thought I would share them with you. Boy, have I ever softened up in my retirement! Ha! I finished my packing and did some work on a new chapter of a new book.

Grandson Jordan Gray
I will preaching in a “Round Robin Foundation Conference” in the Northwest Indiana area. Dr. Russell Anderson, Evangelist Monty Watts, and myself will be also coming together on Monday and Tuesday night at the SOUTHLAKE BAPTIST CHURCH of Crown Point, Indiana. The night meetings will be conducted at 7 pm and I hope you will make plans to be there.

On Friday I spent several hours with my son Bob and his family (DeAnna was not there because she is in love and had a wedding to prepare for). Of course I had to foot the bill at the Starbucks! Where do they come up with all those names and prices for coffee? This yuppy lifestyle is too expensive! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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