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Pastor Bob Ueltzen
I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Bob Ueltzen of the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Crete, Illinois, Sunday night. It has been many years since I have had the privilege of preaching for these dear people. Pastor Ueltzen is a hero in my eyes for he and his dear family have been through multiple physical problems and yet here they are 21 years later still pursuing the unsaved. I am proud to call them my friends! Dr. Hyles would often tell me that those pastors who stay 20 years at the same church are an “elite” group of men of God. I certainly agree!

I preached last night my sermon “GOD THE BUILDER” and the altars were full. These folks are easy to preach to and obviously they have a great spirit about them. The pastor reported 7 saved in total on Sunday.  What a great day for them! 

I am preaching in a “Round Robin Foundation Conference” with Dr. Monte Watts, Dr. Russell Anderson, and myself in three local churches. We will gather tonight at the SOUTHLAKE FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST CHURCH of Crown Point for the night service at 7 pm. Also a service will be held at 10 on Tuesday morning as well as 7 pm on Tuesday night. If you are in the area we would love to see you. 

Last night as I returned to the motel I was leaving some thing for Dr. Anderson and I looked up and he was just coming back to the motel himself. It is his 80th birthday today and so I wished him a happy birthday. He is an amazing man whom God has chosen to use. I really do not believe that many men could keep up with him and his schedule. We sat and chatted for a little bit and then we both retired to our rooms. I love this man! He is solid as gold! Speaking of gold he has a lot of that too! Ha!

My computer list sometimes just drops people for some unknown reason! Dr. Hyles would say they are too spooky for me. If you will go to the end of this email and punch where it says “read more” you then can go to my BLOG and subscribe for it. That way you will receive them automatically! 

I have written so many new books that we are behind on the proof reading of them. I am hoping to speed this up so I can get them published. Please be patient with me as I believe these new books will be a tremendous help to you! For the ones that are available go to AMAZON.COM and put Bob Gray Sr. in and you will see what is currently available. Also i-books are available on Kindle, SMASHWORDS.COM, or my SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM. I trust you will take advantage of these books. I should have 30 books all together on the market by the end of the year. 

I have been working and compiling info on a new book about the principles of Dr. Jack Hyles. I will keep you updated on its progress. This will be a block buster! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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