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Pastor Promnitz and Dr. Anderson
Tonight Dr. Russell Anderson and I preached at the “Round Robin Foundation Conference” at the SOUTHLAKE FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST CHURCH of Crown Point, Indiana. Dr. Anderson’s 80th birthday was today and he did a great job of preaching about the Holy Spirit. I preached my sermon “THE KEY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT” and the altars were full. I always enjoy preaching with Dr. Anderson.

Pastor Promnitz was very gracious to host the night services of the “Round Robin Foundation Conference.” This is my first time to preach here and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The people were very receptive.

I am looking forward to enjoying breakfast in the morning with my son Scott. He called today as he and Jenny were traveling back from preaching over the week end in Murfreesboro, TN. Scott is a great preacher in his own right! 

Today I went to the Culvers Restaurant beside the Holiday Inn Express to order a salad and the lady at the counter said to me, “You look just like Dr. Bob Gray a preacher from Texas!” I told her it was really me! She said, “Oh I can’t wait to tell my daughter I met Dr. Bob Gray.” I asked her if her daughter knew me and she said no but she just loves your son Scott. Great! The kid is more popular! Ha! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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