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I flew into Columbus, Ohio, yesterday to preach at the High Street Baptist Church today. Dr. Charles Manious is the pastor. 

The building was full to capacity on the lower floor and the balcony. There were numerous other services being conducted at the same time in other parts of the property. There was a record breaking day for the deaf department of 40 as well as other ministries. 

The church wide soul winning resulted in 50 trusting Christ and there were 10 saved in the main service with 2 following the Lord in Baptism. This is a great church and I believe they are going to have a great impact on Columbus with the Gospel.

This morning before I left I had the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a young lady who works at the motel by the name of Magalia. She was very kind and I carefully presented and reviewed how she could know for sure that she was going to Heaven when she died. After a little while she bowed her head and asked Jesus Christ to become the payment for all of her sins. Later on a co-worker came up to me and thanked me for talking to her co-worker about the Lord! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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