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Iglesia Bautista Fundamental Church
Brother Byron Sagastume picked me up at the DAYS INN in New Jersey and drove me to Bay Shore, NY., for a two day meeting with Pastor Sergio Ali. I preached last night my sermon “FIVE DAYS TOO LATE!” Tonight I preached my sermon “IS THERE A PLACE CALLED HELL?” The altars were full and commitment by God’s people to go soul winning each week was great! This is a miracle church. 

Pastor Ali came to our NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC many years ago and came back fired up and won hundreds to Christ and his church fired him! He went down the road and started another New Testament church that has led thousands to Christ in the past 18 years. They have built and brand new building without borrowing a dime. The building is not completed yet, but they are close. I love these people! 

I will be up at 3 am, 2 am Texas time, (I just had to throw that in-Ha!) and drive to to the LGA airport for a flight to DFW then on to Tyler, Texas. 

I will be finding out tomorrow about the report from Dr. Williams on my bladder. I ‘ll let you know what happens. Mrs. G is going to look at some video tomorrow to prepare her for her total hip replacement on August 2. 

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