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Monday Night Service
Tonight I preached for Pastor Bill Davis who pastors the CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH. The building was full and the people very responsive. I preached my sermon “THE DANGER OF CHANGE.”  

Steve Shutt & Mike Riplinger
Attending Tonight at the service was Mike Riplinger, husband of Dr. Gail Riplinger, and their son-in-law Steve Shutt. What a blessing it was to meet them and spent a few moments together. What a great service these dear folks are providing for America in their strong stand on the King James Bible. I would recommend all of Dr. Riplinger’s material to any one who wants to know the truth about the Scriptures. Also, Steve is traveling the country providing in depth information about the history of the Scriptures.

Dr. John Hamblin
Evangelist John Hamblin was preaching in the area with Dr. Shelton Smith in a SWORD OF THE LORD CONFERENCE. He texted me and asked if we could have lunch together. We both had fish! You would be so proud of me! He gave me a copy of his new book “GIVE ME THAT OLD-TIME RELIGION.” You wont believe this but he actually paid for the meal! Ha! You know how evangelists are! Tight wads! Ha! This is a great preacher of the Gospel and I am glad to call him my friend! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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