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Two of my new books arrived on Saturday. “HEAVEN” and “24 CARAT FRIENDSHIP” are now available. If you will call 903-759-3977 or 903-576-1307 and ask for Mrs. Diana Ayres she will give you a special rate on these new books. This will only last through the end August 15, 2011. I hope you will take advantage of this special!

Also, the manuscript for “WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING” is complete and being gone over by our proof readers. There are photos galore of Dr. Hyles! The truth of his principles will be found in this book! We will offer a special for pre-orders soon! This is a 408 page hard back book! First class! Hard hitting! No holds barred!

If you want any of our other books please call Mrs. Ayres direct and you will be able to order any of them. You may also go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM to order books. Also SMASHWORDS.COM have many of my books on E-Book form.

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