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I preached tonight at the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Manchester, NH. The buildings were filled with folks. Also, there were folks in the overflow watching on closed circuit TV. The spirit was superb and the response was electric. These dear men of God in the New England area are heroes in my sight. They are carving out some great works in the part of our nation where it all began. 

I preached tonight my sermon “ODD MAN OUT!” II Kings 22:1-8. Text was verse 8! The preacher is a soloist. He was never meant to play the accompaniment to anything. The pulpit is not a platform from which to boost the projects of man. No matter how much Scripture may be quoted or how many false prophets bid Ahab to go up against Ramoth-Gilead. Micaiah will stand his ground and refuse to be swept off his feet by popular movements whether fundamental or evangelical.

This is a day in fundamentalism of unification, with Ahabs and Jehoshaphats uniting. A day of unanimity with 400 prophets in unison. A day of uniformity. The messenger advised Micaiah that he must agree with the clergy. However, Micaiah had not been regimented, standardized, or prioritized. He was not riding the bandwagon. He was not on his way up. The grass did not look greener in the next pasture. He craved no man’s position. He was not a link in anybody’s chain.

Fundamentalism is gradually being homogenized into one faceless, monolithic mass. It is the day of the lowest common denominator, the happy medium, and the middle of the road. A pleasant “get-alongism” or a “togetherness” has so paralyzed fundamentalism into moral inertia that it is almost impossible to arouse us from an amiable stupor. 

The steamroller is flattening all the mountains into one level plain. Such times do not breed prophets! Men who speak for God never merge into the fog around them. Noah stood alone! Elijah stood alone! Amos stood alone! Jeremiah stood alone! Daniel stood alone! Paul stood alone! Jack Hyles stood alone! Lester Roloff stood alone! Lee Roberson stood alone! John the Baptist stood alone!

It is not easy being the lone dissenter when the messenger was sent to Micaiah he must have said in effect, “The clergy at the college have agreed and you had better make it unanimous!”

Several ways to silence the odd man out!

1) Persecution – John the Baptist
2) Promotion – Balaam
3) Pressure – Jeremiah
4) Another Prophet – He was deceived by another prophet

Organized religion, whether fundamental or evangelical, hates the preacher whose headquarters is heaven, not his college, and whose superintendent is God. They are enraged when they cannot control him. It is not the business of a prophet to harmonize with the crowd around him. True prophets are solitary people. Eagles do not fly in flocks! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

It is 108 degrees in Longview, TX., with a 113 heat index. WOW! Unbelievable! It was higher in Dallas and I am flying home in the morning.

Be sure and pray for Mrs. G as she goes into surgery for a complete hip replacement in the morning. I will be flying into Tyler, TX., and going straight to the hospital to be with her.  GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!


  1. Dr. Bob Gray,
    I was there tonight and it is great to see a man of God like yourself take a stand on the King James Bible being the inspired preserved Word of God! Great message tonight! I'll be praying for Mrs. Gray tomorrow. May God continue to bless you in all you do!

    For Others,

    Joe Beane

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