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Jordan, Nick, and Aly
Mrs. G went through her surgery on Tuesday as well as could be expected. Dr. Walker reopened her surgical area and cleaned the area and she has been on antibiotics to fight the staph infection. This will not affect her hip replacement he says.

Dr. Walker has turned her over to an infectious disease Doctor who said today that she will have to stay in Mother Francis Hospital of Tyler, Texas, through Tuesday at the latest. She will then have a catheter inserted so they can run the antibiotics directly into her system. She will be able to come home, but She will have to go to the doctor’s office in Tyler each day so they can look at the surgical area and give her more antibiotics until this thing is cleared up. 

Three of our grandchildren attended their first day of school at TEMPLE BAPTIST SCHOOLS of LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE on Wednesday. Jordan Gray is in the eleventh grade. Nick Forgy is in the tenth grade and his sister Aly is in the ninth grade. Wow! Hard to believe these youngin’s are in high school. This is the end of the line! Sorry I mean until Josh and DeAnna decide to do the right thing and give us some GREAT GRANDCHILDREN! Ha! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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