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This morning I preached at the COLONIAL HILLS BAPTIST CHURCH pastored by Pastor Claud Slate. He has taken a hand full of people and in five short years God has given an exciting church with several hundred members. They obviously worked for months on preparing for there “I love America” presentation this morning. It was heart warming and they paid tribute to our nation and our God. We were blessed with 7 trusting Christ this morning.

Pastor Claud Slate
Tonight I preached my sermon “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER TURN BACK!” The people responded and I believe the days ahead will be even more exciting for this church.

Special program
The people did a marvelous job of not only presenting a flawless program but inviting numerous visitors to attend the service. The music was spirit filled and the program uplifting and not only patriotic but spiritual. 

There would be no nation without the Word of God. How dare these modern day pseudo-fundamentalist put a question mark on the King James Bible which is the foundation of all of our lives personally and nationally. If it is not inspired it is then expired! GOTTA LOVE THE KJB!

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