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Mrs. Gray went to Dr. Walker and had the final staples taken out this past Wednesday. The doctor gave her permission to travel with me to preach this week end. After her Doctor’s appointment on Friday we left about three pm to drive to Walls, MS. We stopped every two hours for her to stretch a little bit. Of course with my herniated disc it helped me also. We spent the night in Little Rock, Arkansas, and then drove on to Walls, MS.

I will be teaching and preaching for Dr. Ron Westmoreland today along with Monday and Tuesday. Dr. Westmoreland pastors the BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH of Walls, MS. This is there 50th anniversary as a church. Dr. Roy Westmoreland is the founding pastor and is the father of Dr. Ron Westmoreland. Dr. Ron has been there pastor for these past 24 years and is doing an excellent job of reaching this area with the Gospel. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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