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Missionaries Rick and Gaylene
I was thrilled to see Missionary Rick Fannin and his wife Gaylene who have served for twenty years in the Philippines. Their home church is the JORDAN BAPTIST CHURCH.  These dear friends graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with the 1977 class.  Although I graduated with the first four year class in 1976 we knew each other well. If you would like to support these who are faithful soul winners contact them by phone at 708-636-8632 or 423-344-5050. An investment in them is an investment in soul winning. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNERS.

I had struck up a conversation with the clerk of the BEST WESTERN whose name is Abraham.  We laughed as we talked about it being a Bible name and soon he began to ask me some Bible questions. I answered them and that led to the matter of knowing for sure he could go to Heaven when he died. After going over the Scriptures in a few minutes he bowed his head, took me by the hand, and trusted Jesus Christ to pay for his sins. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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