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Pastor Jody Martin was waiting for me at the baggage claim at the Syracuse, NY., airport. We drove for an hour to Utica and checked into the Best Western Motel. 

In the lobby there was a young man sitting in the chair in the lobby. While the pastor was registering me into the motel I struck up a conversation with the young man. His name is unusual. His name is Michel. After a little while I gave him a church tract and asked if I could show him how he could know for sure he was going to go to Heaven at death. He answered yes and so I went through the Scriptures and in a few moments he took me by the hand and he prayed to receive Christ as his personal Saviour. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

I had lay overs in Dallas for two hours and in Chicago for two hours. I did not arrive at the motel until 7:30 Saturday night. In Chicago I was watching the Arkansas game with Texas A&M and had to leave while the Razorbacks were miserably behind. When I arrived to the motel guess what? Arkansas came from behind to win. Wow! Then Mrs. G called and told me Michigan had whipped Minnesota 58 to 0. I then found out that Michigan State beat Ohio State. WOW! That is even better than anything Michigan could do. I doubt Michigan will be able to beat Ohio State. SHHHH! Don’t tell Mrs. G I said that!

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