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Evangelist Monte Watts
Today I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Bill Reeves who pastors the NORTH PLATTE BAPTIST CHURCH of North Platte, NE.  This dear man of God has been pastor here 8 years. He started with 11 in attendance and today they broke their Sunday school record.

This morning at the offering time the pastor told the congregation that the entire offering would be taken up for Evangelist Monte Watts who will be undergoing open heart surgery in the near future.  I was thrilled when I heard the announcement.  The church took up a $ 1,000 offering for Brother Watts.  I asked churches several weeks ago to choose a week within the next 20 to 25 weeks to make up for a lack of love offerings by taking up an others offering for Brother Watts.

His address for those of you who have and are going to take up an offering is…

Monte and Jan Watts
6210 W. 85th Ave.
Crown Point, IN  46307

Brandon & Tiffany Romack

One of the honors of my life as I travel the country is to meet some of our former students of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE who are serving faithfully their Lord in their home churches. Brandon and his dear wife are a vital part of the team of the NORTH PLATT BAPTIST CHURCH.  God has given us 420 graduates who are serving the Lord in local churches. 

Pastor Bill Reeves

The pastor picked me up at the airport on Saturday and drove me to the motel and later on that evening took me out to eat with his dear family. We had a great time and this family loves to have fun. The pastor has been pastor of the NORTH PLATT BAPTIST CHURCH for 8 years. All records were broken this morning and the people certainly were excited. Several new families visited and some came back tonight for the service.

Sunday Morning

This morning I taught my Sunday school lesson on “FORGIVENESS” and preached my sermon “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN.” 
I to this day do not understand why it is such a controversial subject to speak of “incorruptible seed” and “corruptible seed” as the Scriptures so clearly put it (I Peter 1:23-25) and then preachers debate it as if it was a debatable matter. 
Luke 8:11 the seed is the word. Paul said there are those who corrupt the word and we are not to be like them. (II Corinthians 2:17) How is the word of God corrupted? With man’s words replacing God’s words. Choke on this if you must but God’s word and words are “incorruptible” according to God. He promised to be the one who would preserve his inspired words. (Psalm 12:6-7) They are alive and abide for ever. They are lively oracles. (Acts 7:38; Romans 3:2; Hebrews 5:12; I Peter 4:11) 
No birth without a seed! The seed of a plant, the seed of an animal, the seed of a human, and the seed of the word of God all give birth. The first three are “corruptible” seed, while the last one is “incorruptible” seed.  Corrupt the seed and you will end up with a two-fold child of Hell. (Matthew 23:15)  
Keep those cards and letters coming folks.  GOTTA LOVE THE KING JAMES BIBLE!!!!!

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