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This morning I had the honor of preaching for my friend Pastor Randy Tewell who pastors the LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH of Mobile, Alabama. I was invited to preach for the chapel service of the Lighthouse Christian School. Their school has about 200 students and we had a great time. I preached my sermon “TEN BIBLE REASONS FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE” from Proverbs chapter 27.

1) The ability to give it your all each day (verse 1)
2) The ability to die to self (verse 2)
3) The ability to not be satisfied (verse 7)
4) The ability to stay through the storm (verse 8)
5) The ability to be loyal to the right principles (vs. 9-11)
6) The ability to spot evil (verse 12-13)
7) The ability to choose the right influences (vs. 14-17)
8) The ability to work the same field (vs. 18-20, 23)
9) The ability to seize the right opportunity (vs. 24)
10) The ability to live a simple life (vs. 25-27)

GOTTA LOVE THE HOLY SCRIPTURES! The King James Bible that is! It is perfect and also flawless!

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