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Sunday Morning
I taught and preached this morning at the THREE RIVERS BAPTIST CHURCH of Fort Wayne, IN. In Sunday school I taught my lesson on “WHO DO I LISTEN TOO?”  Then I preached my sermon “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!” 

Tonight the pastor’s son Ben Jackson announced there were a total of 40 saved out on soul winning this week end and 14 saved today. This church has a great spirit and are very responsive to old fashioned preaching.

Mark & Linda Sigstad
Tonight I preached my sermon “WHY SHOULD YOU BE A PERSONAL SOUL WINNER?” Before the service began I noticed Missionary Mark Sigstad with his wife Linda. They are home from the mission field and visiting some of their supporting churches in America. Mark had prostate cancer and has been cancer free for 8 years, but has to come back once a year to have a physical to make sure he is still cancer free. While he is back in the states he also visits some of his supporting churches.

This is one of the great missionaries of our day. He has been on the field for almost 28 years. He has started 11 churches in West Africa. He has established works in Ghana and Nigeria. Thousands have been won to Christ because of their labors. This couple is worthy of your support. In the 29 1/2 years of pastoring the LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE we gave 9.3 million dollars to missions.  Missionaries are heroes in the work of God as far as I am concerned. God bless this dear couple!

You can contact them at [email protected].  LBT has supported Mark and Linda from day one. He has established independent indigenous local churches. This is what God had in mind for missions. Be careful and do not be deceived by pseudo mission plans that do not produce indigenous independent churches. GOTTA LOVE SCRIPTURAL MISSIONS!

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