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Mrs. G will be going with me to San Antonio to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Keith Bell.  Pastor Bell founded the TEXAS BAPTIST CHURCH of San Antonio several years ago and is doing an excellent job of leading his church to win souls. Mrs. G is excited about being able to go and so am I.

We are flying out of Longview to DFW and then on to San Antonio. The last time we were there Mrs. G was given a motorized chair to help her get around and we had a great time of sightseeing all of the Christmas decorations of the “River Walk” area especially. By the way Mrs. G will have her rotator cuff surgery on January 16 so please remember to pray for her.

By the way neither of us could sleep tonight so we were up at 3 am and I fixed her a light breakfast. I did some work in attempting to fill all of the orders for WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING.  The response has been fantastic.  

There is a thirst for the Biblical principles used by Dr. Jack Hyles in his day that are not restricted to his day.  Someone said this is the Laodicean Age and there will be no great churches.  Sorry, but it has happened, is happening, and will happen again! Romans 5:20 “…But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” AMEN!

Evangelist Monte Watts texted me yesterday and said all the tests are done and it appears the heart surgery will be in early January 2012. I will keep you posted and I want to express my gratitude to those churches who took up special offerings to help fill 20-25 weeks he will be laid up in recovery. He travels every week of the world and last year was in well over 100 churches. He lives by faith! This man is a treasure to the local churches of America and I hope if you have not taken up an offering to please do so to help this dear brother!

His address is … 

Evangelist Monte Watts
6210 W. 85th Ave.
Crown Point, IN  46307

I know he and his dear wife Jan will be very appreciative of your help. They have not asked me to do do this. I do it because it is the right thing to do! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNERS!

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