“WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING” Books starting to arrive at a church near you!

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I have begun hearing from those who have their cases of the book WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING delivered to them. Here are just a couple of texts and emails I have received.


“I just received my case of books and opened it up and I am 1/3 of the way through reading my book. This is GREAT!”


“I am sitting in Daytona Beach watching my son play baseball and reading your new book on Dr. Hyles and his principles. AWESOME!”


“Just got your new book yesterday. I am really enjoying it, and what I just read from chapter 5 – under, ‘serving vs. growing’ was worth the price of the entire case. Thanks – I love you!”

It is not too late to order your case of books or individual book in order to receive a 50 % discount on a case and a  25 % discount on a book, plus S/H. This will only be available through the end of December 2011.

You can call 903-576-1307, 903-237-9019. You may also email [email protected]. This is not a biography. This is a book about the life principles of Dr. Jack Hyles. Practical and applicable! You will learn! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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