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This is it! Only 5 hours left for you to order a case of 16 of WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING for $12.50 a book, plus S/H, verses $24.95 a book after midnight. The response has been great today. Several called and placed orders and It is still not too late!


“I have just received your book on Dr. Hyles, WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING. As I started reading, my emotions got the best of me as my memories raced back to that front row of the balcony the third week of every March at Pastors’ School where I shed many tears and dedicated myself to the very principles I have now been reading in your book. 

I cannot adequately express to you my appreciation for all the labour and wisdom that has gone into probably one of the most important books of our generation of fundamentalists will ever read. 

Whenever I hear you preach at our church and at other churches, every time I get o talk to you, I feel like it is the closest I can get to Dr. Hyles today. I now have a book that has embodied his principles so clearly and unequivocally. 

I believe these principles in this book will be treasured and memorized in kitchens and dining rooms all across America. There is no doubt that these principles will be proclaimed from pulpits and Sunday school classes in so many different cities, states, and nations; and I personally believe that this book will be used to re-ignite a fundamentalist old-time revival inside fundamentalism.

Thank you for taking your stand and for being willing to suffer the consequences of it. I love you.”


“Enjoying the book WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING! I wish everyone that was ever influenced by Dr. Hyles would read the book.”

Please call 903-576-1307 or 903-237-9019 to place your order of a case of 16 at a 50% discount or one book for a 25% discount plus S/H.  You may email [email protected] to place an order also. You will not be disappointed if you love old time fundamentalism. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIMERS!

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