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Welcome to 2012! I took some time this morning to not only read my Bible, pray, and thank God for his goodness, but I also took my annual inventory of my soul winning.

2011 allowed me opportunity to give the Gospel out multiple times and I am grateful for every opportunity.  The LORD gave me the pleasure of winning 404 precious people to Christ, 200 of those walked the aisles in church, and 107 of those followed the LORD in baptism. Since coming to Texas I have preached 26,135 sermons, led 15,810 folks to Christ, and had 4,616 of those follow the LORD in baptism.

I have been home for two weeks and enjoying every minute of it. This morning I was able to attend my home church LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE of Longview, TX. I rarely am here, except for Wednesday nights, since retiring March 1, 2009.  The music was excellent, as usual, and the spirit great. Folks were saved and baptized. My son Dr. Bob II preached a great message encouraging folks about opportunities 2012 would afford. 

As I was walking across a couple of our parking lots to go to Sunday school I noticed Mr. and Mrs. Terry Thompson cleaning out their bus after unloading their riders for Sunday school. These dear folks have been in the Bus Ministry for a total of 33 years. Also, I noticed Bus Director Josh Doyle walking by and I asked if I could have my picture taken with them. I love the Bus Ministry!

By the way Josh is married to our oldest grandchild DeAnna. We are hoping for a  great grandchild from this young man of God. Really it doesn’t matter because Mrs. G and I are already “GREAT” grandparents! Ha! Get it! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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