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Dr. Russell Anderson was kind enough to pay for a Caribbean cruise on the Oasis of the Seas cruise liner for Mrs. G and I. We will be making three stops. One in Mexico, Haiti, and Jamaica. Mrs. G is as excited as I have ever seen. We will be arriving back in Fort Lauderdale on January 14 and then fly home.  She had a tragedy though because she found a hole in the knee of her bathing suit and it just couldn’t be mended and so she left it home. Ha!

We will be traveling with Dr. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Stinedurf who are sister and brother-in-law to Dr. Anderson.

Last night at the Holiday Inn Express I met with Dr. Anderson to autograph with him books of WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING. I put some tables together and opened the cases of books to spread them out on the table for signatures to prepare for the process of autographing them. 

As we were signing them a young man named Ozzie walked up and began to ask questions about the book. After a while I presented the Gospel to him and he bowed his head and took me by the hand to pray to receive Christ as his Saviour.  He was excited, Dr. Anderson was excited, I was excited, and all of Heaven was excited! That is what this new book is emphasizing the basic principles that still work in this 21st Century.

Shhhhhhhh!!!! Now, don’t tell Mrs. Ayres, but I gave him an autographed book! I know I can trust you! GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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