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Mrs. G and I had a wonderful time on the OASIS OF THE SEAS cruise with Dr. Russell Anderson along with  Bill and Judy Stinedurf. Judy is Dr. Anderson’s sister. We arrived back into Fort Lauderdale on Saturday morning and flew back to DFW then on to Longview, TX. We were both beat by the time we arrived home. We were able to lead many folks to Christ on the cruise. One the special ones was Victor from Peru. He had our table set for us with utensils and drinks (non-alcoholic lemonade) when we arrived for dinner. I asked him if he had two birthdays and from there we gave him the Gospel. He bowed his head took me by the hand and trusted Christ for salvation. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

My son Dr. Bob II asked me to have a book signing at LBT for my new book WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING on Sunday night. The response was tremendous and of course I was able to renew old friendships with dear church members. One little lady approached me and told me how she rode the buses, saved, and baptized at LBT as a little girl and now she is married with a son of her own. She thanked me for running the buses. GOTTA LOVE THE BUS MINISTRY!

I preached Sunday morning for my good friend Pastor Frank Sturrock who started THE BAPTIST HOUSE OF FAITH in a neighboring city. God gave us 6 precious souls, 3 professions, and one baptism. 

One of the programs Dr. Bob II has started with TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE pastoral students is an internship where they go and help pastors in area churches. James Thomas gave the announcements for Pastor Sturrock on Sunday morning. These young men go soul winning in the area and conduct the services. James brought a visiting couple to the services on Sunday. This is an exciting program for our pastoral students! GOTTA LOVE YOUNG PREACHERS!

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