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Dr. Ron Talley
Dr. Ron Talley and I had the honor of attending Bible college under the tutorship of Dr. Jack Hyles.  Today I was privileged to teach and preach for my friend at Chesterfield, VA. He was greeted with 10 precious members 26 years ago and now runs several hundred in attendance. This weekend 32 folks were saved, 7 professions, and 4 followed the LORD in baptism. Another “cookie cutter” Sunday. GOTTA LOVE IT!

We were reliving those days in the 70’s at college. We were both apart of the first four year class of Dr. Hyles’ college. The things our pastor taught us and lived in front of us has benefited both of our ministries. We remembered and recalled how our pastor remained teachable while growing himself. 

Both of our ministries are patterned after the things we learned from our pastor. I wish this unteachable generation could understand that the ability to live under the shadow of a great man is the mark of a great man! Only pride and big egos criticize people who learn from people. No one is a self made man! 

How often have I heard Dr. Hyles say if Dr. John R. Rice were alive today he would recognize the perversion of versions and be King James only and only King James! Why, because Dr. Rice remained teachable also! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Look out for the COOKIE MONSTERS! They are everywhere!

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