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Yesterday I flew into the Raleigh-Durham airport and was greeted by Pastor Charles Hamilton and his wife Annette. I have known this dear couple for almost 30 years. He pastors the GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH of Cedar Grove, NC. This was a great weekend with 29 saved, 6 professions, and 2 baptisms. 

I preached from Psalm 37:24 and Proverbs 24:16 my sermon “I HAVE FALLEN AND I CAN GET BACK UP!”

1) The Just Man Falls
2) The Just Man Falls Many Times
3) The Just Man Gets Back up
4) The Just Man Develops A Habit Of Getting Back Up
5) The Just Man Is Perfected By Both Falling & Getting Back Up
6) The Just Man Doesn’t Blame Others & Wait On Others To Pick Him Back Up
7) The Just Man Ends Up On His Feet

While I was on the plane at DFW waiting in my seat for the plane to finish loading its passengers I noticed a group of folks with North Carolina State jackets that had “Wrestling Team” on the jackets. As they passed by I spoke to the one who looked like their coach. His name is Carter Jordan. He became the coach of the Wolfpack Wrestling Team after the 2003-4 season. He wrestled for NCS from 1983-1986 with a team record of 58-19 and one national championship.

When the plane landed in Raleigh-Durham we left the plane I asked the coach if I could speak to the team and have prayer with them. Coach Carter then told me he was a PK (preacher’s kid) and he would love it if I would talk to his team and team managers. 

As I was waiting for all of them to come to the baggage area one young wrestler was sitting there by himself. I introduced myself to him and and asked if he knew for sure he would go to Heaven at death. He answered yes! He told me his dad was a Baptist preacher. His name was Darrius Little. I found out later on that his record was 27-9 and he was an All-American. A fine young man and very polite. 

Their team record so far this year is 4-5. They did defeat American University who are ranked number 9 in the nation. I wrestled in high-school and I believe the most strenuous sport to be that of wrestling. I’m not talking about the fake wrestling you see on TV.

After a while the team gathered to pick up their luggage and the coach called every one together and said, “This is Dr. Bob Gray Sr. and he wants to talk to us and pray for us!” After explaining the Gospel story we joined in a circle I prayed for them and then gave them opportunity to ask Christ to save their souls. I prayed and they prayed! WOW! The coach thanked me and was very pleased! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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