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I flew into LA late last night and will be preaching Sunday for Pastor Migal Sarez who pastors the PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH in South Gate, CA. He has been pastor here for 25 years. I will then be preaching for Dr. Ray Rameriz who pastors the HILLSIDE BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH in LA.  He also has been pastoring here for 29 years and is also the founding pastor. 

If you are in the area please come join us on Monday night at 7, Tuesday at 10 am, and Tuesday night at 7 pm. Dr. Darrell Cox will be joining me on Monday night. This man of God is a mixture of John Rawlings and Lester Roloff “backslide.” Ha! I love this man of God he is a rare breed in this day and time!

I am entering my 40th year in the ministry and pastored for 33 of those years and I understand the rigors and demands. Dr. Jack Hyles mentioned one time that those pastors who stay in the same church for 20 years plus are a part of God’s elite. Thank you dear men of God for staying by the stuff! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME MEN OF GOD!

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