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I am worried about our earth worship and our seeming obsession with Socialism. The earth was created by God for man and not man for earth. God has given us plenty of gas and oil. We do not worship the planet earth. God has given mankind the wherewithal to extract such from the earth for use. 

Our God is a capitalistic God. God rewards the work and the worker! Capitalism does not hate their customers and wishes harm to them. They are all service oriented. Occupy Wall Streeters are no different than the ones I went to Michigan State University with in the 60’s. They all want something for nothing. This class warfare has a built in Socialistic menu of so-called “fairness.” Life is not fair! If you do not work you should not eat! What is the answer – DRILL BABY DRILL!

James Thomas singing a special

Jonathan Painter leading music

This past Sunday I preached at THE BAPTIST HOUSE OF FAITH located just outside of Kilgore, TX., pastored by my good friend Pastor Frank Sturrock. This is a young work of 4 years and God certainly met with us in a powerful way Sunday. No, there was not a great attendance of people, but there was a great attendance of the Holy Spirit. We had 4 saved and 2 baptized with more lined up to be baptized next Sunday.

TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE has an intern program where pastoral students volunteer in local churches to help and to learn at the same time. These young men are learning on the job. They handle the song service, announcements, teach Sunday school, and organize the soul winning programs. God bless these young men of God!

This has been a good week of personal soul winning for me. God allowed me to have 7 saved and 3 of those follow the LORD in baptism. I wish every pastor in America could be challenged to give the Gospel out 15 times in a one 7 day period and to have 5 lined up for the baptismal pool by Saturday night for the coming Sunday and do it every week of the world. They would be thrilled at the results. Take the challenge!  GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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