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Many years ago in the early 70’s I heard Dr. Jack Hyles mention that every one had at least one book in them. I have often thought of that and have mentioned it myself through out these many years of traveling and speaking. God has allowed me to pen 31 books and I am constantly encouraging others to write.

Many months ago I received a manuscript  “LACKADAISICAL LOVE.”  I could not but help think of the tremendous truths and more than that the helpful truths it contained. I have always been impressed with the Rife family as they have been wonderful hosts to me when preaching in their home churches for many years. The author Mrs. Trish Rife has written what is a very needed book on a very needed topic. When my wife read the book when it arrived her first statement was this lady sounds like another Mrs. Marlene Evans. She loved the book, which says a lot in my mind about the book. 

You may order the book directly by calling 720-240-1241. If you have a bookstore you may receive a bookstore rate for your order. This book will help the local church to retain those whom we win to Christ and those who through service become hurt while serving. This is a handbook for hospitality. 84 % of the people who attend a local church do so because someone there cares for them as an individual. AMEN!

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