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My daughter Karen called last night and told me WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING is now on SMASHWORDS.COM in ebook form.  May I say first of all that I do not endorse everything that SMASHWORDS.COM publishes any more than I endorse what AMAZON.COM publishes or any other venue used to promote our books.   
KINDLE has not yet put up WPWK on their site yet, but Karen tells me it will be up there soon. Be patient and it will be there.  In the mean time go to SMASHWORDS.COM and enter Bob Gray Sr. and continue on by clicking my name next to the three books that will appear and you will find all of those books that are available in ebook form.
I am thrilled about this book along with many of my other books being available for downloading on your ipad, Iphone, or any other smartphone you may have.  Take advantage of this unique offer.
Also, if you are a church or bookstore call 903-576-1307 and take advantage of our special rates for not just WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING, but all of my books for churches and bookstores.
You may go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM to see and order all of my books or call 903-576-1307. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

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