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Sunday Morning
Sunday I had the honor of preaching at the MOUNT OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH of Lexington, KY.   This church is pastored by my friend Pastor Dwayne Walker.  He started the church 19 years ago and the obvious hand of God is on this dear place.

Sunday chairs had to be put out for the service and God gave us 15 saved, 13 professions, and 12 baptized.  I taught in Sunday school my lesson “FORGIVENESS.”  I preached Sunday  morning my sermon, “I HAVE FALLEN AND I CAN GET BACK UP!”  Sunday night I preached my sermon “EVERYTHING RISES OR FALLS ON FOLLOWSHIP.”

Monday Night Service
Monday night Dr. Jeff Fugate joined us and preached first.  He preached a great message on “THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE.”  He encouraged God’s people to keep their eyes on the prize.

This is really an amazing thing that God is doing in Lexington, KY.  Dr. Fugate came to pastor the CLAYS MILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH 21 years ago and Pastor Walker came here 19 years ago to start the MOUNT OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH.  These are two great churches in the same city working not against each other, but with each other. 

Since these two men have been in KY there are multiple local churches that have been started and Dr. Fugate mentioned how there were 5,000 more people attending church today than there were 21 years ago because of the soul winning and church planting.

I preached Monday night my sermon “LET’S GO SOUL WARNING.” The spirit was phenomenal and the response at the altar call was wonderful. Come join us today at 10 and tonight at 7 if you have the opportunity.


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